Military & Aviation

  • Snow Removal Building
    Spokane International Airport
  • Airport Entry Lane Modification
    Spokane International Airport
  • Rent-A-Car Facility
    Spokane International Airport
  • Cascade Aerospace
    Spokane International Airport
  • Airport Exit Booth
    Spokane International Airport


Storhaug is familiar with the stringent demands that government and military projects require. Having completed many government projects on and off of our local military base, we understand the rules and regulations these projects bring. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the necessary processes and protocols are followed to make sure that these projects succeed.

Select military and aviation projects:

Spokane International Airport:

  • Rent-a- Car Facility
  • Entry Lane Modification
  • Spotted Road Reconstruction
  • US Customs & Border Protection
  • Cascade Aerospace
  • Snow Removal Equipment Building
  • Airport Drive Landscaping Phase 2
  • Cell Phone Parking Lot
  • Air Cargo Parking Lot
  • Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) Program

Washington Air National Guard:

  • Washington Air National Guard, Grant Street Water System Improvements
  • Washington Air National Guard, Squadron Operations Facility Improvements
  • Washington Air National Guard, Parking Lot, Buildings 285, 285, 1034, & 1039
  • Washington Air National Guard, Four Lakes Communication Station Survey

Other military and aviation projects:

  • Fairchild Air Force Base, Blair Elementary School
  • Hamilton Hangar, Felts Field
  • Spokane Turbine Center, Moody Bible Institute, Felts Field

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