Aerial Mapping


Innovation through processes and technology has always been key to Storhaug’s success. As part of that innovation, Storhaug has turned to the sky’s with the use of survey-grade autonomous drones for mapping, and inspection. The use of drone can greatly reduce the amount of time spent in the field which results in quicker turn around times and at time more cost-effective processes for our clients. Jobs which used to take weeks in the field can now be completed in hours while additionally obtaining 3D photometric images which add an additional functionality towards client presentations and planning.

Storhaug can aid in the following services utilizing aerial mapping:

  • Topographic mapping for design
  • Project monitoring including weekly progress monitoring
  • Mine, quarry, and stockpile volumes
  • 3D high-resolution building mapping
  • Construction monitoring
  • Thermal imagery investigations
  • Real estate marketing
  • Agricultural mapping


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